Beet the exhaustion

This juice gave me LIFE! And, in order to keep myself fueled and moving with a 4 month old boy, I have to buckle down and juice! As a busy mother of three, with a full-time job and a creative job (for those of you who don’t know I am a Photographer on the weekends),…

Vegan gluten free falafel Lunch

This recipe is adapted from “Oh She Glows” cookbook! I did change a few ingredients to make it Gluten -free, but the original version of the recipe can be found here: Recipage What did I change? Well instead of Spelt, I used Gluten Free, dairy free organic corn bread crumbs, thee worked out quite well….

AVO-Toast your life!

Simple! Avocado, Organic Brown Kumato, Yellow and Grape tomato, fresh squeezed lemon juice, Himalayan Salt, Cracked Pepper. All on Gluten Free toast. Keep food simple, Keep food clean and Keep food enjoyable!

Make Love. Make Juice. Make Love Juice.

Make Love. Make Juice. Make Love Juice! Here is a photo tutorial of my morning juice routine, simply a mixture of powerful super-greens, celery, oranges, turmeric and ginger, apple etc. Whatever floats your boat – just drink. This stuff is life giving. Enjoy.

For those who eat eggs! Quick Breakfast TIP (Vegan Option)

For starters friends, please forgive my picture quality, I seriously need to dust off my “real camera” but this was a quick iPhone shot in a quick effort to share! I have a bad habit of starting off my day by grabbing something small and convenient like a boiled egg or a banana and moving…

Updates “Where have you been?”

  Hello friends! It has been quite a while since I posted last but that is changing soon. I have had a lot of changes in my life in the past several months. For starters, I lost my beloved mother to cancer. This has been one of the roughest times in my life (and my…

Finally, My first race

  I did it, finally ran my first 5K. My running journey started a little over a year ago as a good habit to replace my bad habit of smoking with. I quickly became hooked on the way running made me feel and have done so ever since. A few months back I finally signed…