Quick Raw-Tatouille!

Here is a quick recipe, you know one of those meals that end up delicious because you got really hungry and creative at the same time. I embrace those moments. This is what i like to call “Raw- Tatouille” – My version if Ratatouille Raw Food style. Try it out – you may really like!…

Konscious Raw-Tatouille

Konscious Raw-Tatouille

Was delicious and visually stimulating and took about 7 minutes to put together.

Incredible Eggs?

During the initial stages of my Journey for a healthy body and mind, I was faced with giving up a food I dearly loved and had no wish to rid my diet of. The pint of changing my diet was not only to make myself a healthier person inside and out bu also to not…

Alkalinizing “Swamp Water Smoothie”

Never Judge a book by it’s cover. We are all familiar with this Cliche’. But I have a new one – never judge a food by its Color. “Swamp Water Smoothie” Yes, that’s what I named it. The reason you ask?Well, it just looks like “Swamp Water”. But like the Swamp Lands, it serves a…

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“The doctor of the future will no longer treat the human frame with drugs, but rather will cure and prevent disease with nutrition.” -Thomas Edison