Incredible Eggs?

During the initial stages of my Journey for a healthy body and mind, I was faced with giving up a food I dearly loved and had no wish to rid my diet of. The pint of changing my diet was not only to make myself a healthier person inside and out bu also to not set myself up for failure. I am an Egg Lover.

These are humanely raised, Pastured eggs from a local Farm in California.

But after reading the astonishing facts about poultry and eggs in the USA Food system (all they go through to get to your plate – which includes diseased hens pumped with antibiotics and steroids in below “poor” living conditions) there was absolutely no way I was going to buy mainstream eggs and allow that to go inside my body any longer.

Eggs have some pretty amazing health facts attached to them and also the Cholesterol “Myth” that eggs raise your BAD LDL -cholesterol levels. Read more about that Myth and other Cholesterol Myths here:

I began a search to find a healthier egg and landed at a Local Farm with what they called “Pastured Laying Hens” after doing research on this method. There are a few reasons these eggs are not just safer but better for us, the main reason being – The chicken is healthier. The are Grass and Bug fed, and forage for their own Organic grasses and wild edibles and bugs themselves. They are completely cage free – these farms usually don’t even own hen houses – but just a covered barn for them to flee to during harsh weather.

Check out Soul Food Farm (my favorite) in Vacaville, CA here:

It is unlikely an unhealthy animal of any kind (for instance one that is daily injected with drugs like steroids and antibiotics) will produce healthy offspring. These chicken are the healthiest and happiest laying hens I have seen since being a child.Hence, they produce the most beautiful, bright colored, speckled eggs I had ever seen.

Another great thing I learned about eggs is that there are hundreds of breeds of chickens. On the Pastured Farm I choose to frequent, she has a multitude of breeds and every egg is uniquely different in size color and shape. From Blue to greenish Sea Foam, Gray, or speckled brown. The ones I have posted here are what I like to call the “Freckled Eggs”.

There is something so beautiful and natural looking about these eggs. Uniquely and perfectly imperfect. In Addition because these eggs are so healthy, They are known to have Super sized doses of vitamins in comparison to conventional Eggs! And Less Cholesterol then conventional eggs.

Do your research on Pastured egg benefits if you are an egg lover. These Eggs are more costly but its all about whether or not you care about whats going into your body. It really is worth it.

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