Kale Salad

My Mediterranean Kale salad is a staple for many of my dishes.

Here is my Kale Salad recipe – which I actually got from Jennifer Cornbleet’s YouTube Channel. I did put my own spins on it and I advise everyone else to do the same. Whatever your favorite vegetables are – I say add them to it but avoid watery vegetables like tomato or avocado (save those as toppings to add when you are ready to eat.

Please see the Photo Gallery Below for more of a visual of the ingredients.

The best way I have found for my lifestyle to do this is to make it on a Sunday (it actually tastes better the second day), I have used to to make Vegan tacos (as a filler) Vegan raw Mexican salads, You can even add proteins like a Grilled piece of Wild Sockeye Salmon. BE cratetive and “make it yours” and you will find that creativity is enhanced when you think of all the possibilities you can do with this healthy and delicious super-food staple!

I dont think I have ever made this the same way twice – I just use the basic fundamentals of “Chiffonade” the Kale and massaging it with lemon and olive oil, after that – I add to it what pleases me that day.

Here is a link to Jennifer Cornbleet’s Instruction video but remember – you can make this delicious dish with any ingredients that you wish – after the fundamentals:

Here are some more photos,

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Konscious Eater

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