Pushing myself

I cannot tell you a time in my life where I have been more proud of how things are going! I am finally pursuing health goals and its exciting. I get out and sweat almost everyday, I am learning how to depend on no one to push me but instead to push myself! There was a time when I depended on others to push me to get fit – One year I probably spent in excess of 3000.00 to a personal training facility to do this for me! Yes, It worked – not to change my eating habits (I believe this has to be a personal lifestyle decision for someone), but fitness wise, yes.


You see, I had paid money for it – the fact that I was paying so much for it was part of what was holding me accountable, and the other part was that my trainer would scold me if I missed a session. My fitness only last as long as I could afford it. I also injured myself because I let them push me harder than I should have been pushed (but that’s another story).

Today,  I’ve gone through a life changing – life refreshing journey. I’ve gone through scorching fire. With God by my side. I no longer need to pay someone to motivate me to take care of myself. Life is so precious and so short, I didn’t realize that until I came through that fire. Now – I just run. And my biggest concern is when I can get a new pair of sneakers. Here I am all Sweaty after some treadmill time – trying to improve 5K time for my first race this summer.


So happy that my 5k time is improving.
So happy that my 5k time is improving.

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