Do you have a “Serenity Spot?”

ImageThroughout the past several months during this journey I am on, I have found a part of myself that I had lost for many years. The part inside me that I let guide me to seek out new things (experiences, objects, locations) as children we are so inquisitive, and I believe this quality is one that builds our memories in life. Before work, stress, time and fear came into our lives we were inquisitive and loved to explore and find new things, see new places just in our own backyards, touch things, feel things. taste things – we put our hands on life and felt it. God has awakened this inquisitive spirit within me and how blessed it feels. I am now in the age of exploration of my life and I have started in my own backyard, like a child. My fitness journey includes at least 2 long walks a week (shooting for 5-6 miles each), and just in my own backyard is a beautiful trail that after 3 miles leads to a treasure – the most peaceful serene place I have right now. I love the walks because I cant wait to get to “the treat” at the end, to see the water, smell the salt in the air and watch the gigantic pelicans fly around past me and marvel at the beauty that God has placed right in my backyard. He is my serenity.

If you don’t have a spot to retreat to, a spot you call your own, your serenity place where it can just be you and God and nature – I insist, find one. Treasure awaits.

~Koncious Kitchen


This was taken at the end of my trail – in my serenity spot – where is yours?

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