Turkey Rolls – Organic Turkey find from Costco, 60 calories


Organic, nitrate free, antibiotic and hormone free, no preservatives OR MSG and of course, gluten free and humanely raised. This turkey really does taste great and at only 60 calories per slice, its part of my conscious kitchen.

“True Story Organic Apple-Wood Smoked Turkey”

The Wrap above – delicious! Here is the recipe:

1 Flat out Wrap OR Food for life Brown Rice Tortilla (Gluten Free) or Collard Leaf!

1 slice Organic True Story Organic Turkey 

1/2 Cup organic Spinach

1 Organic Campari Tomato

Place all ingredients into the wrap (you can even add your home made hummus spread on this wrap for just a few calories more since this is low cal and clean) and roll it up – 179 Calories, what an awesome lunch, what the heck –  add a healthy side dish, or make two of them and fuel up for only 358 calories (a good and healthy portion of lunch).


Much less than eating out and way healthier and cleaner; food your body can use.


~Koncious Kitchen

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