Alternative ingredients – Cleaner Griddle Cakes for the kids



In our home we started making pancakes with alternative ingredients a few years ago. With one of my daughters having a nut allergy, and my dairy intolerance we have gotten used to not being able to buy many things off the shelf and learning how to make them at home. This has changed our lives in a good way – we use alternative ingredients. But they are always fresh and healthy ingredients.

Whether you eat dairy products or not – using these ingredients in your griddle cakes (or pancakes) will make them taste AMAZING.

Instead of cows milk in them – try coconut milk or coconut cream and water.

Instead of using vegetable oil use coconut oil – this gives them such a sweet wonderful flavor

and finally – if you are trying to eat more fruit, get more potassium or just do not like syrup – add bananas, cinnamon and a dash of fresh vanilla to your mix for delicious sweet banana coconut fritters!



~Koncious Kitchen

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