Taking care – my feet


I have been treadmill running for the past month because my shoes seriously need replacing. Now, don’t get me wrong they aren’t beat up and falling apart but because I have flat feet and need special “Motion Control” shoes – they get worn down on the inside pretty quickly, especially with me running and walking 20 miles a week.

My way of stretching my shoe life (because one pair costs 150 bucks) is to use the treadmill more often. Treadmill is not where I want to run but right now on the budget I am on – I need to. I decided that I have to make the best decision for me right now. Id rather be on a treadmill, than be NOT running because I ruuined my knees or threw out my hip from rinning on terrain with bad shoes.

My tennis shoes used to last forever because I never wore them, now – they are more important than they have ever been.

Its so important to take care of your feet when you decide to “be a runner” and I am learning first hand just how important – good shoes and socks are a must and counting the miles on your shoes is also important – you don’t want to cause injury to yourself because of shoes!

Eventually (actually very soon) my shoes will be getting replaced and I cant wait. But for now -I have to take care – my feet.

~Koncious Kitchen


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