My progress – motivation to keep going

OK – FIRST OFF, PLEASE DO NOT LAUGH AT MY HAIR IN THE BEFORE PICTURE. Also, forgive me for the photo quality but I have gotten a LOT of requests for before pictures and they are mostly selfie’s from my iPhone!

You see, I made the decision to go natural and change my lifestyle at the same time. So as my diet was changing my hair was transitioning to being natural hair and it was hard, confusing and a hot mess to deal with. The before picture (in black and white) was taken when I was at about 187 lbs. This was the most I had ever weighed, and lets not even get started on inches which count the most – HORRIBLE. Most of the time I never went over bout 175 – but I had so much stress – more than I had ever experienced in my life, I ate junk and drank lots of wine and every other calorie filled drink.

I was emotionally eating and drinking. I decided to not only change my diet but before this even came to fruition I had to quit drinking the wine, which I did in October of 2011 – and I don’t miss it.


AprilKini2I initially lost about 50 LBS – but I as also a smoker and since quitting on January 24th 2013 YAY! I gained 5 pounds – which is fine – I started running right after I quit smoking so I assume that’s just muscle mass because my body looks so much better 🙂

So – At this point in this journey I have stopped looking at the scale. My current focus is increasing definition, NOT whats on the scale – I can care less.

When I first lost the weight – I was “Skinny Fat” Yes, I had never seen my body jiggle the way it did nor had I ever seen my body look so weak and unattractive. That’s changing with exercise.

OLD measurements: waist 34 inches, Hips 43 inches.

New measurements: waist, 28 Inches, Hips 37 inches.


With mostly running – I have lost a LOT of body fat (I haven’t measured technically but the fact that I wear shorts now tells you a lot. I have more definition in every part of my body.

The left is a shot of my face before diet and workout changes were made.

So now I really need to pump up the Strength Training, Sculpting and HIIT Training to really get a good burn! I’ve decided to follow the team (butt kicking HIIT training and Beach Babe DVD set, Plus a TON of YouTube workouts) featured below – I will continue to post updates as a continue to progress.


Love you all so much – that you for your CONTINUED motivation and support

~Koncious Kitchen

3 Comments Add yours

  1. mike osborn says:

    whats amazing is how hot both you and your hair are in every single one of those photos!

    1. itsprilage says:

      LOL Thanks Mike The first heavier photo looks a little too Don King for me – but I like the others 🙂 Cant wait to see you again!

  2. repsof33 says:

    I love your recipes. I’ve tried several already. Hope you enjoy the plates.

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