Fall Foliage



I am not a lover of Autumn like some, don’t get me wrong I love warm cracking fireplaces, delicious hot soups and stews, the gorgeous changing colors and the warm memories I have cherished since a little girl… But, Autumn means something not too great for me as well, Autumn means that the days are shorter and I no longer get to enjoy one of my favorite hobbies, playing in the sunshine. I don’t know many people who love sunshine as much as I do. I can literally feel its life giving energy radiating on me when it is shining on my skin. 

So, it is November and I have finally allowed Fall to set in, I have accepted that it is here to stay (acceptance is always the first step). And now – a gift has been bestowed upon me as I shop the organic produce section of my local grocer. BEAUTIFUL Fall Foliage (my name for local Organic Greens IN SEASON. 




There is no comparison to eating a plant in season. And autumn is the season for all things dark and leafy – you see, the sun has Chlorophyll and its our main source of it – with out Chlorophyll we would all die. During the winter months we get less and less of that chlorophyll from the sun, but greens like Collards, Mustard’s, Turnips, Kale, and Chard contain vast amounts of chlorophyll in them – and they just happen to be in season when we get less sun (fall and winter). Coincidence? I THINK NOT. 




I think that may be one of the reasons I get so excited once I remember these greens double in size this time of the year because it is their time to shine. My favorite way to prepare Kale is still in a Mediterranean Raw Kale Salad, but it is equally delicious lightly sauteed with olive oil and garlic. I like doing the same with Swiss Chard, but the collards I like to use as wrappers instead of the traditional food wrappers filled with gluten and by products like (high fructose corn syrup – HFCS), colors, preservatives etc. Check out my Collard rolls in an earlier post. EAT IT CLEAN! 

And, Enjoy your Fall Foliage

-Koncious Kitchen


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