How to make Juice with a blender


I get this question often. “I have a good blender but I want to make juice, how do you make juice if you don’t own a juicer?” It took just a little research for me to figure this out myself. But I’ve done it, and have been successfully making juice with my vitamix blender for 2 years now.

What you’ll need:

Favorite fruits, veggies and greens
Nut milk bag (can be purchased on amazon for under 10.00 and is reusable)

High powered blenders are best for this but if you have a ninja or NutriBullet it will also work great!

First, add all of your veggies into your blender. Today, I did a super cleansing alkaline smoothie with apple, kale, ginger, lemon, cucumber and celery.

Add water (I suggest filling the blender half way with water. This add more hydration to your juice and also stretches it and makes it easier for the blender to crush.

Second step: grab a bowl (one with a pour spout on it is best so you can easily pour your juice into a glass or mason jar when you are done).

Please your Nut Milk bag into the bowl and pour juice directly into it. Now it’s time to get your hands a little dirty. Gently squeeze the juice through the bag with both hands. Gently. Until you have nothing left but the fiber.

Next, pour into your glass and enjoy. It’s delicious. Or, put into an airtight mason jar to drink later. (Drink within 12 hours is best for taste) the lemon in juices actually acts as a preservative so it’s ok to store longer, I just find that it tastes better if you drink it the same day.





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