Raw Vegan Shortcake

Fully Raw Strawberry Shortcake.


I am an avid follower of “Fully Raw Kristina” and the Rawfully Organic Co-op on YouTube. Her desserts are always delectable, healthy and I don’t feel guilty when I eat them (nor do I gain any weight after indulging in large servings of her desserts regularly)… So when I saw this video – boy did I get excited! You can view the instructional video here:

Kristina is just stunning and so positive, and her plating is phenomenal – a true raw food chef! Her fully Raw strawberry shortcake looks spectacular and upon glance no one would even know this dessert is Raw Vegan! It has layer upon layer of delicious and sweet strawberries, raw whipped cream, and the crust is made of figs and dates? My favorite two raw food ingredients for desserts.


The great: Flavor! This shortcake tastes AMAZING, the creamy layers and crust accented the strawberries wonderfully, and that strawberry glaze on top – don’t miss that step, its the best part! But, I would call this a Raw Strawberry Cheesecake, Or Raw Ice Cream cake because that is what it tasted more like. WONDERFUL!

There were only  a few minor things that made this recipe a little difficult for me personally, so I’ll share.

First, the price: It is March in California and Strawberry prices have not come down yet (especially for Organic ones) so I paid about $6 for the 2 lb basket and you need 4 lbs of strawberries to make this pie. Keep in mind that strawberry prices do drop and we grow further into the season, even for organics. With organic ingredients I ended up spending about $20-$25 creating this dessert, which is quite costly if it is something that you want to have regularly (and why not have it regularly – its 100% raw plant based food)? This Raw Vegan dessert is great for a party, special event or tasting event.

Second: Figuring out how to eat it. The date/fig crust made it really hard to cut and get a nice triangle piece of this pie on top of a plate, it took several attempts and I ended up making a mess of the pie (so it didn’t look so good after serving a couple of pieces).  This could be from mistakes on my behalf during assembly. Also, you have to throw it into the freezer for about 4 hours before cutting because it will completely come apart if you don’t, but I just looked at it as I would baking time!


Overall, I give this recipe a definite THUMBS UP. It came out looking absolutely beautiful when it was finished (make sure you use a spring-form baking dish like she did in the video) and it was fairly easy to make (most of it is just assembly). Give it a try – a great spring or summer dessert, great for a party! Eat Konsciously, Eat Clean, Eat Mindfully!

-Konscious Kitchen

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