Organic, GF Spaghetti with Spinach, Day 2 – Series: 5 Nights of affordable clean dinners by Konscious Kitchen!

Hello friends!

Today is day 2 of my series of “5 nights of affordable clean dinners” and I made a Semi-homemade Spaghetti with Gluten Free Fusilli, Organic Marinara and Organic Spinach. The cost of this is super low and you will most likely have leftovers if you are a family of four. Please keep in mind that if you don’t eat a Gluten-free diet, the cost would be slightly less (maybe $1 dollar less) for whole wheat or semolina fusilli.


The reason why this is Semi-Homemade is because I don’t make my own sauce very often, but I do purchase Organic Marinara, why? Because tomatoes are on that “Dirty Dozen” list I talked to you about yesterday. The marinara I usually get is “Classico Organic” from Costco which costs $10 for three jumbo (family sized) jars. Unfortunately, I ran out so for the sake of showing you all how awesome this is, I ran out and bought a regular sized jar of Full Circle Organic Marinara from my local grocer.

The pasta I used is Trader Joe’s Organic and Gluten Free Fusilli, it was $2.99, make a note that Costco also carries a very large bag of GF Organic Pasta that can feed a family of four, 3 times for about 7.99 so you save even more if you are a Costco shopper.



Also, DONT sleep on getting frozen vegetables! Organic frozen vegetables usually cost much less than fresh and they are just as quick and easy to cook. Tonights dinner, I used Frozen Organic Spinach from Trader Joe’s which was $1.99 a bag and I use about 1/2 of the bag for dinner and save the other half for another dinner, so about $1.00 worth.


In addition, from time to time my when my family wants to taste something meat-like in the spaghetti, ill splurge and get Smart Ground, Smart Ground is a non-GMO plant based food that looks like ground beef, and tastes like it too, but kinder to your body (and animals too if that is important to you). Smart Ground isn’t something I buy regularly because JUST like meat, it can be costly. Mine cost me $3.99 and I used half of it in the spaghetti and reserve the other half for another nights dinner.


Because I used this, I was able to make a “Meat Sauce”, I also added some leftover Olives and leftover Mushrooms I had laying around in the fridge. and Here is the end result:

Organic Spaghetti and “Meat” sauce with GF Pasta and Organic Spinach! about $1.50 per serving counting leftovers. Total cost to make was $9.00 with 6-7 servings (depending on how big the serving). The pictures reflect my serving size.



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