Taco Night! Series: Wednesday, 5 Nights of affordable clean dinners by Konscious Kitchen!

Boy was this DELICIOUS! Couldn’t wait to share with you. Tonight, I made 2 variations. For the family I made Tacos and for me I made a VEGAN Taco Salad.

IMG_0190-2My family still eats chicken on occasion but we make sure and buy Organic Chicken Breasts. We purchase about 6 chicken breasts a month from Costco. Once that runs out we usually don’t buy more chicken, but we do buy salmon as well (Wild). This chicken is by Coleman and it costs around $23.00 for 6 chicken breasts, YIKES! Exactly, the price is outstandingly high right? That is why we decided to lower our meat intake. Instead of eating poor quality meat we decided that the healthier and more affordable choice all together would be to buy 1/4 of the amount of meat we used to purchase but get Organic! It is all about priorities people. If you are looking at going organic and keeping the same food habits you have now, you are going to go absolutely broke with this change (unless you have lots of money to burn). But if you adopt a healthier eating habits and “change the paradigm” as I was told recently, you will see that financially this will balance out. There is no doubt about it, Organic food costs more than our SAD traditional food from factory farmers. YES. Its costs more, but you can definitely find a financial balance if you make this an entire lifestyle change, and that is what we did.

Here is a picture of the Organic chicken that we buy once a month:



I generally thaw these, cut them up and throw them in  crock pot with Mrs. Dash Fiesta lime seasoning, onions, garlic, Anaheim chilis, Smoked paprika, cumin and sea salt. Or you can do this is a skillet.  Once its cooked tender you can throw on your tacos and add other toppings but, this time, I did something a little different. I made a Vegan version.

Here are the Gluten Free yellow corn tortillas that I usually use, but I have a secret, most corn tortillas are gluten free, you just have to check ingredients, wheat is usually not in a corn tortilla and if it is it will be on the label so save the money and grab the cheap ones (I personally prefer Organic corn so I went with these) they cost $3.29 for a 10 pack, and fed all four of us PLENTY.



There are two variations here, first is the Vegan Taco, Filled with seasoned black beans, Sautéed Veggies (Anaheim Chili’s, Organic Red, yellow and orange sweet pepper, Organic Zucchini), Shredded cabbage, broccoli and baby lettuce slaw- no dressing, and my homemade Avocado lime creme (1 avocado, 1 TBSP Veganaise, 2 Limes, 2 TBSP green chili sauce, Cumin, Sea Salt, and 1/2 Cup Cilantro) all melted in the vitamin blender.)




The second is the salad version where everything is layered on top of the slaw like a salad. Both were absolutely delicious, and totally affordable to make. id say when its all said and done this was about $2.00 per plate which included 2 tacos and a side of Slaw with the chicken, less for the Vegan version. Try this, it is delicious, you really won’t miss the meat – a Great Meatless Monday meal, and absolutely delicious!






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