Salad Night: Series: Saturday! 5 Nights of affordable clean dinners by Konscious Kitchen!

My husband and I insisted that our family have a salad night. Tonight (since I had leftover Masala Lentils, decided to make a delicious Lentil Salad. We normally buy the large container of Organic Spring Mix from Costco for about $4.00, I added some Avocado, Campari Tomato, Left-over Lentils, Organic Sweet peppers, and Lindsay’s All Natural Olives. (Tomatoes, Sweet Peppers and Avocado also all purchased in bulk at Costco HUGE $savings there).


I wanted a nice crunch, I try to stay away from bread as much as pebble (I eat gluten-free bread occasionally). But tonight I grabbed some of my DAIYA Vegan Cheese Shreds and threw them on top of a Brown Rice Tortilla and broiled it for about 2 minutes until slightly crisp. For those of you who do eat dairy, please, use regular cheese! Feta might taste awesome!


Finally I topped the salad with Balsamic Glaze from Trader Joe’s at $2.99 a bottle. A little goes a very long way and this bottle lasts us several weeks. It has such an amazing flavor and texture that we no longer buy any salad dressings and don’t even use Olive Oil on our Salads anymore. Just this glaze!


And There you have it, A home-made left-overs salad that tastes absolutely delicious. And because we are STILL eating leftovers from the 3 meals from earlier this week, we are saving a lot of money.


Eat Clean -KK


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