Mashed Potatoes and Veggies! Series: 5 Nights of affordable clean dinners by Konscious Kitchen!

IMG_9719-2I was in the mood for some creamy, delicious mashed potatoes tonight. I grabbed a bag of Organic Red Potatoes for $3.99 at my Grocer and got started. This delicious alternative to sour cream, cream cheese, or milk that is normally used in traditional mashed potatoes tastes delicious and you can’t tell the difference! To top off the meal and add a nutritional boost, I added a mixture of Sautéed Leeks, Mushrooms and Arugula.

In place of Cream Cheese I used Daiya Vegan (meaning animal free) cream cheese which tastes great, it is thick and creamy just like cream cheese but it is Dairy AND Soy free. I also tried this one a slice of Gluten-free Raisin bread and it was great!


And this part was totally optional but  wanted to add a bit more of  savory flavor to the mashed Potatoes, so I added Garlic powder, Himalayan salt, and Delicious Vegenaise (a Mayo alternative).



And the outcome was nothing less that a Fluffy, delicious, creamy, savory buttery flavored Skin on Smashed potatoes! IF you are trying to cut out dairy products this is a great alternative and I honestly couldn’t tell the difference. Also great for those who are Lactose intolerant, or just want to eat a lower Cholesterol lower fat diet.







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