For those who eat eggs! Quick Breakfast TIP (Vegan Option)

For starters friends, please forgive my picture quality, I seriously need to dust off my “real camera” but this was a quick iPhone shot in a quick effort to share!

I have a bad habit of starting off my day by grabbing something small and convenient like a boiled egg or a banana and moving on in the mornings. But through that I have recently noticed that I tend to smack more during the day when I don’t get myself nice and full in the early am, I am working on a shift from eating more at night to eating more of my calories earlier in the day, and having a light dingier with a little protein and veggies.

Breakfast Scramble with 2 Eggs, Baby Greens (Kale, Chard and Spinach), Mushroom and Green Onion.
Breakfast Scramble with 2 Eggs, Baby Greens (Kale, Chard and Spinach), Mushroom and Green Onion. Topped with Daiya Vegan Shreds.

So, I decided to make egg scrambles on certain days. I don’t just scramble some eggs and eat them, I throw in the “kitchen sink” with my eggs! If you eat eggs, load the pan with spinach, kale, sweet peppers, onions, mushrooms, avocado, tomato (whatever your favorite) – it makes your eggs expand and you will feel fuller longer and grab a lot of nutrients from the veggies as well.

VEGAN OPTION: You can also do this with Tofu if you are a Vegan and if you eat soy (I decided to stop eating soy for personal reasons). BUT, you simply dry out and crumble your Tofu and scramble it with veggies the same way – Make sure to season tofu with your favorite spices as it tends to be bland if you don’t! Top with Daiya if you want a cheesy Flavor!

In the above photo, this breakfast scramble of mine is with only 2 Organic Pastured Eggs but with all the Veggies it looks  and feels more like 4 eggs (as far as food volume. I added Mushrooms, Green Onion, Baby Kale, Spinach and Baby Chard.

Another tip to stay full but the healthy way – wash your eggs down with a green smoothie, you will stay full for hours! Pictured here is my Kale, Blueberry-Dill Smoothie (so delicious and PACKED with nutrients)…

Have a great Morning friends!

Konscious Kitchen


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