Vegan gluten free falafel Lunch

Falafel13 (2 of 1)This recipe is adapted from “Oh She Glows” cookbook! I did change a few ingredients to make it Gluten -free, but the original version of the recipe can be found here:


What did I change? Well instead of Spelt, I used Gluten Free, dairy free organic corn bread crumbs, thee worked out quite well. If you don’t eat a gluten free diet, please omit. I also doubled the amount of cumin in the recipe, didn’t use parsley but doubled the cilantro and instead of putting these babies in Bibb lettuce as wraps, I just threw them on top of my mediterranean Kale Salad and topped with the Lemon-Tahini dressing! I washed this meal down with this delicious green smoothie and it all tasted great together.

Falafel12 (2 of 1)So without further ramblings, here is the recipe in photos, please click the link above to get the ingredients from Angela Liddon’s Website!

Falafel2 (2 of 1)Here are some of my delicious whole food ingredients! All organic and Non-Gmo.

Falafel3 (2 of 1)Make sure you add the chickpeas LAST! after you’ve grinder the other ingredients together

Falafel5 (2 of 1)


Then, grind together until you have yourself a nice sticky green tinted falafel dough, it smells delicious at this stage! I am guilty of eating a spoonful of this dough before it was even done, more than once!The aroma of the cilantro, cumin, garlic and onion mixed with the Chickpeas fill your kitchen.

Falafel6 (2 of 1)


Next you will roll them in some seasoned bread crumbs (I seasoned them myself) and pay out into patties on a baking sheet


Falafel7 (2 of 1)After this just bake them for 15 minutes on each side and enjoy how you wish – I enjoyed mine on  salad with the delicious Lemon-Tahini Dressing that you can find onto website as well.

Falafel8 (2 of 1)Threw together my go-to Kale salad and I was ready to eat my lunch – with plenty leftover for tomorrow!

Falafel9 (2 of 1)And Voila!

More recipes coming soon, Im having a lot of fun with these recipes in the Oh She Glows cookbook, by Angela Liddon. I tweak them a little to make them really fit my lifestyle, as you should do as well. But, every recipe so far has come out absolutely divine.

Falafel10 (2 of 1)Take some time to nourish your body with whole food!

Falafel11 (2 of 1)Take care,

April Bautista



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  1. laylay28 says:

    Swoooooon! This looks amazing. Wish i was smooth enough in the kitchen to pull this off. Forwarding the link to my more culinary- skilled friend, hopefully i can coerce her into making it.
    Thanks for posting 🙂

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